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Hotel Roca Nivaria

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I am a resident of the Canary Islands

An ocean of sensations and experiences

Relax while you enjoy the best views

Azules de Nivaria is a complete spa that offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera. We have a wide range of treatments and circuits as well as luxury services with gym and hair salon.

Water to relax

The hydromassage pool at the spa has different water jets, massage jets for the neck, underwater jets and body and feet jets with different intensities to fortify the body. Another relaxation option is the therapeutic shower, with different water pressures that will help you look after and stimulate different areas of the body. Lastly, you can use our Jacuzzi or cold-water pool.

Hotel Roca Nivaria

Find your comfort zone

Azules de Nivaria offers a tepidarium to relax at a hot and humid temperature while lying down on heated beds. On the other hand, the foot bath is the best option to stimulate blood circulation in the feet and legs, by walking down a passage with cobbles on the floor and hot and cold water jets at different pressures. We also recommend the flotarium, a pool with a high concentration of salt, which will allow you to float and forget about the world around you.

Hotel Roca Nivaria

Interior Spa Circuit

  • Thalasso with water jets (34ºC – 93ºF).
  • Cold-water well (11ºC – 52ºF).
  • Thalasso Jacuzzi (36ºC – 97ºF) Exclusive!
  • Flotarium
  • Bithermal or sensations showers
  • Roman baths (50ºC – 122ºF) – Humidity level (70%).
  • Turkish bath (50ºC – 122ºF) – Brightness level (90%).
  • Finnish sauna
  • Cobble passage with hot and cold water jets.
  • Beds with hot therapeutic stones
  • Interior relaxation area
  • Dressing rooms equipped with hairdryers and lockers (they require a 1€ coin).
Hotel Roca Nivaria

Facilities for your wellness

The spa includes a private lodarium, where you can enjoy a nice steam bath at relatively low temperatures for clay, mud, algae and cream treatments. There is also a Vichy shower, hydromassage tub with chromotherapy, bed for wrapping treatments and physiotherapy and aesthetics cabins. Our star product is the suite for couples or families with a private Jacuzzi, special for Spa by Family, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Bar service with brunch, light snacks, smoothies, cava and soft drinks.

Hotel Roca Nivaria

Aesthetic medical treatments

You can book an appointment with our prestigious plastic surgeon during your holidays for a Botox treatment, dermal filler, eye-circle treatment, lip-augmentation, liftings, body mesotherapy and treatments for localised fat among others. Quality and maximum discretion. You can also enjoy the advantages of “Personalised Packages”, with interesting discounts and accommodation included during your aesthetic medical treatment.

Hotel Roca Nivaria